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richmond. >> [no audio[ sorry. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, my suggestion would be given there are still conversations with supervisor daly, that we move forward with reappointment of mr. larkin. seconded by john avalos. we can take that without objection. thank you, mr. larkin. >> item 5. recommend appointment of three members to the geary corridor bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee. supervisor campos: now we are on the right item. >> we have a citizens advisory committee specifically for thegeary vrt projects, and we are compiling and burned into reports. we have been meeting since 2008 when the board appointed 11 members to the cac. since then, two members have moved away, another resigned due to other commitments. we have three openings at this point. we said to have a notice to all of the members in our distribution list. we do have, at this point, 11 eligible applicants. some are here today to speak. i can take any questions that you might have. supervisor campos: let us now call the other applicants who are here. please make a brief statement as
, it is my pleasure to introduce mike less so -- leto. give him a big welcome here in richmond. >> thank you. i know a good time when i see it, and this beautiful 1914 carnegie landmark building is now ready to face the 21st century and glorified fashion. it takes the library to sustain the village, and it is great to see them out today in support of the library. so we have a great surprise ahead as you enter into these doors with the 4000 additional new square feet to allow for expansion of the chinese and russian collections, the efficiency upgrades, the technology upgrades, greater disability access, the $13 million some that san francisco voters approved for this project have been well spent, and we're just one of two branch libraries and san francisco to benefit from the state bond money, as well. so, it has really been a project that is successful in every way. not only on budget, not only on time, but ahead of time. when d.c. taxpayer dollars at work ahead of schedule? [applause] so, we all know that we love our libraries not only for the access to world unknown to our children, famil
and at least two more maybe linked to a man who died in a shoot-out with the chp last night in richmond. that's where terry mcsweeney is right now, and that's where the shoot-out took place. terry? >> there was two bodies you mentioned found in vallejo this morning are two people who were missing, both tied to the murder suspect, the man gunned down out here at the pacific east mall here at richmond last night. in the car with him last night. after they shot him they went into his car and found another murder victim. take a look at some pictures from last night. this entire chase started in pleasant hill. chp officers were pursuing the murder suspect, and that would be efrin valdmaro. the chase began there, ended here. he was already wanted for the murder last friday of 73-year-old rich car dough sales killed in his home. a chp spokesman told us this morning about a new development. >> we believe inside the vehicle there's a possibility there's some type of explosive device that may be inside. we want to be cautious, take every precautionary measure to make sure nobody was hurt. >> the reason
. how richmond leaders stepped in late la ep those schools >>> three west contra costa schools are not saved by the bell but by city council. we'll tell you how richmond leaders stepped in last night to keep the schools opened. >>> bp hands out the blame. the conclusion the company's gulf oil spill report just released this morning. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, the 8th of september. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 6:00. let's get you out the door and we'll get our first look at traffic and weather for this wednesday. elizabeth, how's the commute looking? >> well, first we are going to start in the south of market area in san francisco where they have shut down power to this stretch of bryant between 3rd and 4th. pg&e crews are out there now. we are not sure if it's a blown transforminger but they have shut down power to that intersection there. it's our second power outage of the morning. there was an early-morning power outage in the city's western addition where at one point more than 6,000 customers were without power. they were ho
. >> the future of three richmond schools will be decided tonight. closing kennedy high and two other elementary schools in richmond would save the west contra costa school district $1.5 million. the district faces funding problems because of state budget crises. the closer would affect about 900 students and thousands of others from nearby schools. >> if the city of richmond does not approve $1.5 million tomorrow night, then the board will take immediate action to close the school and send kids off to other schools like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> one council member points to a potential source of money to help keep the schools open. richmond recently received a settlement from chef ran for $114 million over 15 years. however, the two sides are fighting over how much chevron should pay in utility taxes. >> the eight fatal whooping coughs show doctors were slow to diagnose the illness every time. all eight cases involve babies and now investigation by the l.a. times find that all had been taken to a clinic or hospital several times before doctors accurately diagnosed them. health offici
what's at issue before the richmond city council tonight is not just about keeping schools open but about keeping students safe. candy high school is one city council vote away from closing at the end of the school year. the problem is money, the school district doesn't have enough to keep it and two elementary school open, so it's asked the council for a bail out. if the council votes no, linda elementary school and kennedy high would close in june. the students would go to school elsewhere and school officials worry that could cause more problems. >> tensions, and i'm concerned. >> it could create problems, moving thousands of people, seating would be a problem. >> reporter: kennedy high seems to be the biggest concern. many students worry about going to a school in what they perceive as a hostile neighborhood. >> schools other than richmond, don't like people from this region. we would create a melting pot between two schools, there'll be a lot of fights and differences would come about. >> reporter: though richmond city council bailed out the schools last year. she's open to
, commissioners. i'm a member of the jordan park improvement association, a longtime resident of the richmond district, and that not going to go into all the bullet points. i have submitted a document and e-mail the to you as well as the secretary. i had a few points here. let's start with the cpmc eir, analyzes transportation circulation and back in the immediate vicinity, in dissections located at very short distances from the product side, but when the proposed cpmc campus is also the number of parking spaces totaling 8390 spaces in the end at these newly built buildings and continues to use the existing parking spaces at various other cpmc-owned sites and leases parking spaces from neighborhood of the rogers, it has an impact in all the neighborhood with these facilities -- neighborhood garages. we have impact on the laurel hills shopping center because currently, there are not enough parking spaces at cpmc garages and nearby lots. the spills over into the jordan park area as well as the laurel heights neighborhoods. then, you have the 16th and de rigueur raj -- and geary garage. when the
. but that's from raleigh, richmond, washington, new york, and burlington. today, the rain is in south florida. our matt gutman is in key largo. matt, what doe
, were starting in richmond. ah officer shot and killed a man who was wanted now for multiple murders. this is video the scene last night, at the 99 french market. meantime bomb squads have been called out to several areas in richmond and vallejo a connection with this. we say that this man, half from all the marrow is the one who shot and killed and they believe that he's the one that killed 73 record of solid in hercules last week, salas was found dead in the bedroom on saturday. officers kill people tomorrow and all of a high-speed chase. solid was killed last week else solaces son is missing this week this morning as well. harry r. live in richmond were baltimore were shot and killed. >> the scene is star and to wrap up, this is the car of baltimore was driving in a high-speed chase. it sometimes street dropped under miles per hour. the end up your branch marked and richmond. baltimore then ran into the market, a writer here this is where her chp confronted him and he waved a big knife and a felt very frightened at the shot him and fired their arms at him. the financially killed h
♪ >>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond with the school year just beginning. a very different theme here in richmond as tonight the city council will vote whether it wants to save three schools from closing. the story's coming up in a live report. >> a police chief in oakland this morning ends with a crash and the arrest of a man with a gun. >> chaos in los angeles. police clash with angry protestors over the fatal shooting of an immigrant by an officer. >> you're looking live at the ever-increasing cloud deck as the marine layer's making a late push into our lives this morning. temperatures will drop 15 to 22 degrees today and there's more cooling in the forecast. >> and i'm keeping an eye. one in san jose northbound 280. an accident. sir frances drake a small grass fire. >> and if it seems to you like there are more crashes involving muni this year, a new study shows there are. >> good tuesday morning. 5:01. welcome back to work and welcome back to school, too. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news in the east bay, a police chase ends with the arrest of an ar
live in richmond. about 900 students will find out tonight if they need another school to go to next year. i'll tell you about the problem and the solution in a live report. >> and check out the clouds that are starting to invade the bay. that as the sea breeze hits back and drops temperatures 15 to 22 degrees today with more cooling on the way. i'll show you how cool it's gonna get in your neighborhood. >> all lanes now open in the north bay southbound 101 sir francis drake boulevard. no delays for your back to school tuesday. >> we welcome frances back on this back to work tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. back to school, the school year's just getting started and one bay area school district is talking closure. the fate of three richmond schools will be decided oddly enough by the city council. terry mcsweeney is live at kennedy high school which is on the chopping block. terry? >> yes. three schools, 900 students, dozens of faculty members will all be impacted by tonight's decision. the city council is being asked to provide $1.5 million to k
and olinda elementaries and kennedy high all in richmond. the campuses serve more than 1,600 students. robert lyles shows us the classmates warrant closures could lead to violence. >> reporter: we are live outside richmond city council chambers and inside there have been more than 40 speakers who spent the past two hours offering commentary as to why all three of those schools should remain open. now the richmond city council must figure out or at least find 1 1/2 million dollars to keep those schools open for the next two years. now one city councilman tells us tonight he and the board are feeling financially bullied, but a pending election just may assure all three of those schools stay open. closing kennedy high school is more like a lecture in history. >> there's been generations pass through this school. >> reporter: a seminar on psychology. >> it's like a home wrecker, like tearing down schools. >> reporter: and a term paper on how to encourage social unrest. >> why don't they do some other school. therefore, you combine those two, it would be like massive destruction to the school. >>
>> good evening. i'm dan ashley. 3 schools in richmond are on the chopping block tonight. city council is voting whether to close the high school and 2 element the ri schools. if kennedy high closes, it would be the first time in 23 years that a high school in west contra costa county shut its doors. allen wong is live in richmond with the very latest on the crucial evening. >>reporter: kennedy high would be the largest of the schools on the chopping block and second time that the city of richmond is being asked to ante up 1.5 million dollars to keep kennedy open. school officials and parents argue that it is a small learning community. test scores are up. but it is not just what is at stake more than the loss of a 62. west contra costa county school officials say merging kennedy with student from different parts of town could spark more gang violence. police say a lot of the street violence in richmond is associated with where a person lives. approximately 1,000 students from kennedy hay live mostly on the southide of richmond. the students here are north side and rich
at abcnews.c >>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond where tonight the city council may vote to do something this city hasn't done in about a quarter century. the story in a live report. >> coast guard investigators are trying to determine just how much oil spilled into the petaluma river from a scrap yard tugboat. >> and you're looking live at san francisco. notice not many clouds but it is the breeze, the cool breeze that will drop temperatures 15 to 20 degrees today. tomorrow a little drizzle. >> a live shot of the bay bridge. i'll have your back-to-work tuesday commute as well as road work coming up. >> if someone tries to hand you $100 at the coliseum bart station, take it. several riders will make cash from a bart protest today. >> i think that's good advice. thank you very much. >> there the next half hour? >> you're gonna try, right. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, the school year is just getting started and already one bay area district is talking closures. tonight the face of three richmond schools will be decided oddly enough by the city council. abc 7's
>>> good evening. we are going to start in richmond where there are very worried parents tonight. officials may vote this evening to close kennedy high school and two elementary schools. if kennedy closes there is more on the line than just schooling. safety could be as well. alan wang is live in richmond tonight where, alan, a marathon city council meeting goes on. >> yeah, dan. the city council chambers are packed, and the item is still up for discussion and awaiting a vote. this would be the second time the city of richmond is being asked to donate $1.5 million to keep these schools open. olinda and grant elementary schools are on the chopping block, but the closing of kennedy high is attracting the most concern. school officials and parents argue kennedy high school is a small learning community. test scores are up. but what is at stake is more than the loss of school. madeline croninberg says managing with different parts of town could spark more gang violence. rivalries between the north and central and south sides have been deadly. >> we have had kids gunned down at bus st
>> thanks so much for watchier ♪ >>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond with the story of a killing spree that touches much of the east bay. three people are dead and the person believed responsible gunned down last night by the chp. story coming up in a live report. >>> also this morning berkeley police defend the decision to shoot and kill a mountain lion spotted roaming in a busy downtown neighborhood. >> a live look from sutro this morning. notice the lack of clouds. high pressure's back. going to be a hot day and poor air quality. i'll show you where. >> good morning. no delays at the toll plaza but you'll find road work on the bridge making your way into san francisco. all the details coming up. >> and senate incumbent barbara boxer and carly fiorina share a stage for their first debate. >> thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news with gruesome developments. a man killed in a shoot-out with chp officers may be linked to as many as three people's deaths, three murders. two bodies were found this morning. right now offi
in the richmond area in the last area. in his car, police say, is the body of a woman. in vallejo and possibly connected to that shooting police closed off the home belonging to one of the two missing women. last seen driving a cadillac es kwa laid. we're live in both locations. we begin with george kitiyama with details on that chase that ended just moments ago. george? apparently we are having audio problems with george right now. let's go to jean elie who's on the scene of another crime scene possibly connected to the shooting. jean. >> reporter: lisa, one of two missing vallejo women lives here in this house. vallejo police and the department of justice showed up here tonight to search the house. so far investigators will only say it's a crime scene. one of several crime scenes one man is now tied to. >> this is not like mom. i mean, she doesn't do this. she's going to call me. >> reporter: joe smart and his extended family are separadespeo find carol smart. he's posting flyers working with police and private detectives dinnered to find the woman he says lived to give back to children who
, possible plea granted a reprieve, how three richmond schools may be able to stay open. and the worst-case scenarios if they close. >>> something you supposedly can't show at muni bus stops has reappeared. symptoms, for the time being, the agency is allowing guns. >>> and a blank slate now, a possible attraction for the future. one man's vision for fremont. >>> what we want to do is find out the condition of the ship, find out the condition of the oil. >> a lot of oil keep in a sunken tanker off california's coast, how scientists are able to know the threat is even there. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida, dana is off tonight. three east bay schools in danger of shutting down. looking to their city for help again tonight. the schools are grant, and orinda, elementaries, as well as kennedy high school in richmond. those campuses serve more than 1600 students, robert liles shows us, on the, the classmates warned closures to lead to violence. robert? >> reporter: well, ken, consider this. the west contra costa school district says there is no more money so the city of richmond stepped in
students. a packed city council chamber in richmond tonight. parents, students and teachers fighting to keep three schools open including kennedy high which is the anchor of that struggling city. nbc area's cheryl hurd is live in richmond. cheryl, any news on what happened? >> reporter: jessica, we are still awaiting a vote here outside richmond city council chambers. but earlier today, one of the counsel members he believes that the school needs. meanwhile, people got up to speak their minds tonight, and all of them were filled with emotion. >> sick feelings to my stomach. >> reporter: many people staying up late fighting to keep their school open. >> if we allow the schools to be closed, think about the millions of dollars we'll have to spend to try and deal with these youngsters in the jailhouses, in the prisons. and the only people that don't are on the table. >> it would be like shutting down to the schools. >> reporter: on the agenda, the fate of richmond high school along with two elementary schools. to put it straight, we lost $39 million last year. out of a $280 billion budg
in future years. in richmond jonathan lynn kron 4 news. >> day 64 days of clues on the search our of our hercules man. it will be back at this east bay landfill at 8:00 a.m.. frederick mio weeks since his father was found murdered. police believe he could be another victim of ephron spirit they think he has killed five people before he was shot and killed by the chp after a chase in richmond. they will continue to search the landfill until friday. >> they are determined they are in good spirits. they want to have provide answers and help the family. the want to give the whereabouts of frederick. >> charles the man whose wife was found dead at along with another woman last week. he will be in court for a bail hearing today. he is charged with having materials to make explosives. >> after two years and 40 lawsuits the california supreme court will hear debate on state worker for old furloughs. it will hear arguments on whether gov. schwarzenegger has illegally for state workers to take unpaid days off. they are taken off to the three days a month last year. they will hear arguments on whet
. hope to see you soon. >> did mor. i am delighted to welcome you to the richmond library. it is a wonderful space. thank you. [applause] i'm very honored and feel very privileged to have the library be at the center of the selection for san francisco's poet laureate. this is my second experience under mayor nredom, -- newsom. i want to thank you for a couple of reasons. first and foremost to bring the announcement to the richmond. it is an opportunity to preview this beautiful library opening tomorrow, a grand reopening of the richmond library. the first in the city, from 1914 cricket -- from 1914. this is no. 10. we are on a roll. secondarily, it is a port -- important because the poet laureate has a tradition people, and this library -- what better place to celebrate the announcement are new:gloria? with me, gavin newsom, who will do the honors. >> it was an extraordinary commitment the public made when it passed not one bond, but two bombs. what a contrast is to be in san francisco in spite of this huge budget challenge where we are actually expanding our hours of the
buenas noches...gracias por acompaÑarnos... --esta noche los concejales de la ciudad de "richmond" tienen en sus manos el futuro de cientos de estudiantes que podrían quedarse sin escuela por falta de fondos. --flavio lacayo tiene los detalles. dos escuelas primarias y una escuela secundaria estan a punto de cerrar por la falta de dinero y el distrito de west contra costa acudio al concilio de la ciudad de richmond para pedir la inversion de una cuantiosa suma para que estas tres escuelas permanezcan abiertas por lo menos un aÑo mas. los miembros del concilio de richmond dicen que llegaran a una decision final esta noche en torno a utilizar o no el dinero de las arcas de la ciudad para prevenir el cierre de los tres centros de educacion. ---entre los programas Ás efectivos para combatir la delincuencia figuran los programas escolares para los niÑos Ás pequeÑos.---de acuerdo a un estudio presentado por dos agencias del orden del condado de contra costa, cada Ólar que se invierte en el jarÍn de infantes le ahorra 16 Ólares a largo plazo al gobierno en gastos relacionados
as san jose or richmond. this does again men t mean that francisco is more dangerous place to walk than san jose or richmond. what we need to do is account for the amount of walking, and this is using census data. we don't do a good job in america keeping track of how much walking occurs. census data asks how you get to work on the long form. it turns out to pretty good measure of walking in the community, but as you can see here there's ten times as much walking in berkley or san francisco as maybe san jose or richmond. so, if we adjust the per capita injury rate for the number of walkers, we see a very different view of the injury rate here in san francisco. actually san francisco and berkley now look quite good. the injury risk per person walking in berkeley and san francisco is much lower than san jose or richmond. there's a factor of three difference between san jose or berkley. that's worth exploring. one of the things you find is injury risk per walker, is lower in the communities with a lot of walking so if you graph this out on this curve here - on the ex- axis is the amount o
quote and start saving today. three possible school closures in richmond to tell you about of kennedy high school and attended elementary and grant elementary all facing shutdown which could face a city lot of money. if jonathan lomas live in richmond where meeting about the closures is said to get under way tonight. jonathan. >> it's going to happen here at 630 it the city council chambers although the actual agenda item will be coming up to about 8:15 p.m.. the west contra costa county school district is in serious financial trouble and need about one. them million dollars from the city of richmond in order to keep these three schools from closing. we'll show you video of the three schools that are on the chopping block and a big one is kennedy high school. a lot of the students would have to go to richmond high schools and other surrounding high schools which would cause crowding at those schools. it's been more than two decades since high school as part of the county has closed down. it's a big deal obviously not only because crowding but didn't have to readjust at schools and oth
and help collt donations from fans attending t game. >> coming up, a coast guard rescue in richmond. one man in the hospital after a boat hits the rocks. >> did apple's co see jobs really try to carry a ninja weapon on a plane? weapon on a plane? the conflicting repots later as governor, he cut waste goto budgets were balance $4 billion in tax cuts. rld class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created california was working. i'm jerry brn. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means;e have to return power and decision makinto the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry browthe knowledge and know-how to get california working again. (saking in international language) and he said unto them go ye to all of the world and preachhe gospel each the gospel ♪ ery creature in the world. (applause) . >> a scary morning for fisherman on a boat that crash in the richmond marina. the boat obviously upside down, one man was hurt after being thrown into the water. a nearby tugboat rescued him and he was tak
rescue in richmond. one man in the hospital after a boat hits the rocks. >> did apple's ceo see jobs ♪ [ fema announcer ] introducing tv... you can ke with you."ñ u-verse now lets you download, watch hit tv shows and schedule recordings on your mobile phone. order u-verse tv today. plans starting at just $29 a month for six months, with dvr included. plus upgrade to u-verse u300 and get the u-verse mobile app free. take the u-verse tv experience with you. and record up to four shows at once from any room on a single dvr and play them back on any tv in your house. ♪ order u-verse tv today. plans starting at just $29 a month for six months, with dvr included. plus upgrade to u-verse u300 and get the u-verse mobile app free. u-verse mobile and u-verse tv. only with at&t. ♪ as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we ha
arrested as of yet. a man was seriously injured when a boat he was on hit some rocks near the richmond shore line. he'd see the boat being pulled up one man fell overboard the coast guard rescue team managed to pull him from the water and no one else on board the boat was injured. san francisco city supervisors are one step closer to approving an alcohol tax. today the board passed first reading of the measure the tax would bring and $15 million a year. that money would pay for the ambulance and hospital costs of transporting in treating people were drunk. it would also fund alcohol abuse treatment programs. mayor gavin newsom newsome has pledged to beef up the measure. the new honda is rolling off of this cargo shipper the first to arrive at the port of richmond. cars i used to be shipped to san diego or portland are now ship to richmond. honda and the richmond celebrated their rival today along with the team. it they'll gain jobs on loading those new automobiles. honda will also pay the facility that was built for the project they will collect fees of $5 million a year for the next 1
a fair trial. >>> a dramatic rescue today in the waters off richmond. >> reporter: from richmond, it's a trip they've made hundreds of times without incident. find out why this fishing trip was different. >>> a chilly cold start to the day. we're going to tell you what's forming that will bring a change to the forecast. >>> and rumors or reality? we'll check on the threat of a sickout by the muni drivers of san francisco. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer >>> an early-morning boat trip near the richmond marina today came to an abrupt, frightening end. one man has died after the boat he was on slammed into some rocks. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: the trip was supposed to be a routine outing to fish for albacore. instead, it turned into something they will never forget. >> basically it sounded like a car accident and water started coming over the side. >> it's scary. >> reporter: ralph dakin and his son described the chaotic scene at 5:30 th
off richmond. ktvu's kraig debro is with two of the victims right now. what can you tell us? what did they tell you? >> reporter: well, four fishermen went out early this morning to fish for alba door -- to fish for albacore. right now, this boat is in the water. we can't see from here but thanks to everybody at channel 2 at the desk, it looks like we can see the boat is going down facility water. i'm going to talk to thomas deacon. he's completely soaked. he's been in the water. you must be cold. what do you remember? >> we went out, hit a wall, pulled one out. there was cpr. don't know about one guy. >> reporter: what did it sound like when you hit the rock wall? >> basically, a car accident. >> reporter: it must have been very dark at that time. >> you are right about that. >> reporter: what about the people in the boat with you at the time? >> one guy, i abbed ahold of him. i was trying to pull him in the boat. i seen another man go by. i tried to go by and grab him. i had too many clothes on. i went back, put my rain gear on, took my clothes off. got him to the edge of the boat.
for a troubled bay area school district. coming up, work begins on a new multipurpose center in richmond that will help more than just students. >> bay area temperatures set to rebound. how hot it might get. >> bay area news at 7, multimedia newscast. not near a tv, watch us online we are streaming live at ktvu.com lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> richmond's elementary school broke ground for a new multipurpose center that will open its doors not just to students but the entire community they joined with the city of richmond on this project it will complement new housing, city center and parks build in the low income iron triangle neighbourhood. the project includes renovation of an eastern campus and should be complete in two years. >>> yesterday right about this time we talked about cooling temperatures, bill is here to talk abo
people. police shot and killed efren valdemoro in richmond, but there are these five different crime scenes. we've got team coverage of what investigators know so far. kris sanchez is outside the ranch 99 market in richmond where the suspect was found. but first, christie smith live in vallejo. christie, the story is literally changing by the minute. >> reporter: yeah. you know, every time we check into it, it just gets a little bit more bizarre. let me start by saying the latest turn of events happened when they went inside of the home of one of the missing women, and that led to the evacuation of this entire cud e cul-de-sac you see here behind me. at least five families are out of their homes this morning, because investigators told me they made the startling discovery of explosive-making materials inside the home, including materials labeled "composition c-4," blasting caps, and hundreds of bottles of what they described as unknown chemicals. again, for that reason, five homes here in vallejo evacuated this morning. investigators tell me this is the home of one of the missing wo
in the east bay getting at least one more year of teaching students. anne makovec is in richmond. that's where the city council is helping to pay to keep those classrooms in session. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they made this decision late last night after a very emotional city council meeting. but this reprieve is only for the 2011/2012 school year and will likely see this issue coming up in the future. here are the schools in question: grant and olinda elementary school and kennedy high in richmond. the campuses serve more than 1600 students. the west contra costa school board says its financial problems forced it to vote to close the three schools two years ago. the city of richmond already pledged $1.5 million for this school year. last night's vote dedicated another $1.5 million for next school year. a lot of that money will come from a tax settlement the city is getting from chevron. >> the city and the value of property in the city depend on schools. >> i'm not overly comfortable because we have a lot of other projects and programs this money can be used for. >> repo
's the main key. >> elsewhere richmond visiting uva. former spiders coach mike london makes his coaching debut now with the cavaliers. first quarter the scrimmage parry jones is keeping his balance. he was rushed for 38 yards down to the richmond 39. that would help lead to the two yard rushing score. uva is on the board first 7-0. still in the first, the spiders hand off to kendall gaston. looks like he gets taken down in the pile but actually breaks through and even fools the cameraman. he is going 70 yards for the td. that would tie the game up at 7. they lead 14-10 at the half. fourth quarter uva is up 8. chris pain with some nice moves. he has four tds on the day. virginia wins 34-13. >>> it's time for our first break in the show. but when we return, we all make mistakes, right? but did this one cost dc united the game? the answer when we return. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched behindtheburner.com. we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web and via mobile. i even
five people are confirmed dead, including the suspect. bodies have been found in hercules, richmond and vallejo, bomb squad units are at two locations. claudine wong starts our coverage in vallejo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have moved over. we are in the yard next to a storage facility. you can see behind me the bomb squad here working a storage locker. we are told by our police sources that this is all related to this case. the bomb squad actually has two locations in vallejo they are trying to get to. they are trying to process this one and one on upland court. that one is secondary. we were just over on upland court and that is where police say the bodies of two women were found overnight. the husband of one of those women has been taken into custody. and those details are still unfolding. these women were reported missing last wednesday. 60-year-old carol smart and her friend 67-year-old deana allen. it was ellen who actually knew the suspect that people have been talking about in this case. because he according to family members stayed at the home and sometime
'll continue to monitor the situation. >> the future of three richmond schools will be decided tonight. closing kennedy high and two other elementary schls in richmond would save the west contra costachool district $1.5 million. the district faces funding problems because of state budget crises. the closer would affect about 900 students and thousands of othersrom nearby schools. >> if the city of richmond does not approve $1.5 million tomorr night, then the board will tak immediate action to close the school and send kids off to othe schools like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> one council member points to a potential source of money to help keep the schools open. richmond recently reived a settlement from chef ran for $114 million over 1 years. however, the two sides are fighting over how much chevron should pay in utility taxes. >> the eight fatal whooping coughs show doctors were slow to diagnose the illness every time. all eight cases involve babi and now investigation b the l.a. times find that all had been taken to a clinic or hospital several times before doctors acrately diagnosed
students the most right now. their awaiting the richmond city council's decision on whether to close kennedy as well as the elementary schools in june. if they close, students at each of the schools will be sent to other schools in the west contra costa school district. the english teacher says the other high schools aren't close enough to serve these students. many of whom are struggling to escape the pitfalls of richmond's notorious iron triangle. >> a lot of them are economically challenged. they are not going to be bussed. they're going to have to find their own way to get there and that's a hardship for the parents. >> reporter: but city council says state budget cuts make it virtually impossible to keep all the schools opened. the city has threatened to shut down kennedy and other schools poert the last few years but came up with an additional $3 million for the last school year and the current one. they say the financial well is dry and now it's time to vote on which path to take. richmond city kan sillmen say the school should remain opened but long-term arrangements have to
council in richmond is meeting right now to decide the fate of three schools on a school closure list. kennedy high, grant elementary and olinda elementary could close at the ends of the year unless funds are allocated to keep them open. amber lee is live with our report. >> reporter: inside richmond city hall behind me, city council members and the mayor are expected to vote on school closures sometime within the next hour to hour and a half. before they went into a meeting, officials told me it appears there are enough votes to keep the schools open. grant elementary is one of the schools on the closing list. officials admitted that grant needs a facelift. it serves 500 students most of them immigrant families. one teacher says closing grant would leave a hole in the community. >> it's just a huge, huge plot of land and it's just going to be empty. i think it's going to cause problems in the immediate community. >> reporter: teachers say 100% of the children rely on the free lunch program. grant also provides after school programs to help children with their home work and keep them
the park, keeping in the '50s along the coast. in places like berkeley in richmond to we may not get out of the '50s today. hayward and union city. the warmest bought today 73 in antioch. it will be the coolest day in the week in most locations. here's the 7 day around your bay. fog sets in for friday slight warming toward the weekend bringing as temperatures back up into the low 80s through a lens spots low seventies around the bay and low sixties for the coast. >> 7 04 a.m. developing story we are falling way are looking for an arsonist kron 4 will has details. >> 15 arson fires including get this the early morning hours september 1, 2009 fires. they happen to within grand fir and our deepest avenues i'm in that neighborhood i can tell you all of the streets are about half mile from each other. whoever is setting the fires they are sending them to dumpsters, garbage, in one case of car where somebody was inside sleeping at the time. fortunately police were multiple the personnel before any injuries could happen. from sunnyvale will tran kron 4 news. >> get a look at this sketch. this i
's right. we've heard of a vessel this morning in richmond that was taking on water. this is a picture of richmond bridge. it's somewhere in the richmond bay. coast guard is out there looking. we have news chopper 2 on the way to see if this is still going on. we'll let you know more as soon as we know. traffic looks good. westbound bay bridge traffic also looking good getting into san francisco. this morning's drive looks good right past the coliseum. 6:19 here. steve. >> reporter: we do have low clouds. it's kind of on the cool side with some 40s across the board and low 50s. there's definitely a chill. we lose the higher clouds yesterday. that kind of prevented it. today is more of a typical summer day. the higher clouds out of the way. mild for some. still on the cool side for others. the bay 60s to 70. upper 70s, low 80s. there are some low 50s even on the peninsula. system to your left will be playing into your forecast. at 6:35 we'll have our rain checking which shows rain moving into the north by late friday into saturday. low clouds today, sunny and mild. temperatures coming u
it will save money by returning to richmond. >> in the past we would truck those vehicles from san diego to hear. we've eliminated $1.5 million truck miles that's not going up the california highways. >> reporter: honda also says it has already provided 200 new jobs. >> it's a big deal for me. >> reporter: how come? >> it helps pay for my mortgage and my truck. >> reporter: 48-year-old michael rant now has a job inspecting honda vehicles at the port. he had been laid off for nine months. lance is helping to recruit more workers. >> reporter: they're still hiring. >> we're looking for people left and right. >> reporter: 70 miles away, the chamber of commerce hosted an economic summit saying it is focused to lower the city's 18.5 unemployment rate among the highest in the state. >> some of these unemployed people are now turning, coming to the chamber looking to open a small business. we've increased our opportunities for business counseling at the chamber. >> reporter: residents say this new honda facility won'tsoever all of richmond's problems but say it's an important first step in the
bay students will be able to stay in their schools. while you were sleeping, the richmond city council voted to keep the doors open at three of the city schools. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live this morning with more on the passionate plea from parents. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. anytime you talk about closing schools, people get upset. in this case, they were talking about three schools on the chopping block. but it was kennedy high here in richmond that grabbed the most attention. and ultimately it came down to what would happen if all the students that went here were displaced. so for the second time, the richmond city council was asked to step in and donate money, $1.5 million. and by the end, it was a very emotional night, in the end, it was a done deal. kennedy has about 1,000 students that would have basically been moved mostly to richmond high, and there were concerns that this could spark some street-level violence. all around, there were passionate arguments just to keep the doors open. >> shutting the doors to our school will be shutting the
>>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in richmond. two more bodies found overnight in vallejo bring to four the total bodies last night. team coverage in just one minute. >> a live look from downtown san francisco. notice the clouds the free air conditioning. also marine layer gone. talk about astagnant air and hot above average temperatures as we head into the holiday weekend. >> good morning. it's a nice ride on southbound 680 as you make your way into the san ramon valley. we'll have a complete traffic report coming up in just a few minutes. >> what's falling from apple's tree. the company prepares to unveil what experts say will be the next generation of i-pod. the buzz grows about a possible extreme makeover of apple. on wednesday, middle of the week. first day of september. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen sze. following breaking unless you in the east bay. abc just confirmed the bodies of two missing women found in vallejo this morning are connected with the man who died in a shot without with the chp. that's w
in a shopping center parking lot in richmond. valdemoro was killed inside the store and then his girlfriend was found dead in the car. >> once the suspect came to this location here at the ranch 99 market, he fled on food into the market in which two officers gave chase. once they encountered the suspect he was armed with a large knife. he was given commands repeatedly to drop the weapon in which the officers were in fear for their lives. they discharged their firearms and the suspect suffered fatal injuries. >> reporter: now, that suspect valdemoro was already being sought by police accused of beating to death a 73-year-old man ricardo sales at this home in hercules. hercules police found sales' body saturday inside his home on crepe myrtle. still missing this morning is sales' son, frederick, 35 years old. he too was last seen inside the hercules home. and he is still missing this morning. and here are the two women that have been missing since last week. valdemoro, the dead accused murderer, has personal ties to 63-year-old rita allen and her friend carol smart. valdemoro was seen drivin
north to the richmond-san rafael bridge overnight. they will start with their helicopter search this morning. >>> chuck reed's open government policy will be put to a test tomorrow. the mayor heads a committee which tomorrow will consider two requests to overrule police on the withholding of records according to the "mercury news." one is from a man who says police were wrongly called to his home during a domestic dispute, the other from a man who wants warrant records. this is the same committee that ruled in november to release the 911 tapes in the police shooting death of a mentally ill man. >>> we have new video in this morning from a place that doesn't normally like the world to see bad news inside its borders. scott mcgrew joins us with that story. >> reporter: this is rare indeed. this was shot by south korean news agencies, severe flooding in north korea causing widespread damage and shortages in the communist state this is very rare video showing damaged areas after the flooding. we believe the flooding was earlier this month in pakistan and in india as well. this is ar
two hours ago. robert liles is in richmond with some new developments that he has learned in just the last hour, robert? >> kim, before i get to that, let's get to the real deal. what is going on now is a two- day manhunt for a murder suspect ended in a dramatic high-speed chase and crash here in the barking lot of the pacific east mall in richmond, as you mentioned one woman is dead outside this mall, the murder suspect is dead inside the mall, and now we know, and we have confirmed through police sources, that the murder suspect is linked to two missing women in vallejo. but, before i get to that, let me show you this dramatic scene that continues to unfold here at the pacific east mall. now what you see behind me is the remains of a black accura sedan. hercules police are confirming 38-year-old efrem val demayor oh was behind the wheel. he is accused of taking police on a chase that crisscrossed the east bay finally here to richmond. you can see the left rear tire is blown. chp now says that's after the accused murder suspect reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour along
discovery. >> we begin tonight with breaking news in richmond. the information that links a chp shooting there to unsolved cases in vallejo and hercules. lisa amin is live at the scene for us in richmond. lisa? >> reporter: carolyn -- >> carolyn, we are at the ranch 99 market in richmond where there is an active scene going on behind me. police are trying to piece together this very, very complicated situation. chp officials confirm their officer shot and killed murder suspect valdamaro. he is not the only one who is dead. his girlfriend who police say was kidnapped this morning from vallejo is dead inside of the car. investigators believe she was dead before he got here to richmond. chp officers began chasing him soon after spotting him. he exited highway 80 at central avenue and ended up in this shopping center parking lot. >>> at the termination point of the pursuit, the suspect fled the vehicle and went into the shopping center. two officers confronted the suspect. the suspect failed to obey commands in which the chp officers discharged their firearms and the suspect suffered fatal i
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